We travelled through Umbria and Perugia and on into Tuscany, stopping for a couple of days at Pisa, on the banks of the River Arno which flowed on into the Ligurian Sea a few miles to the west. Our camp site was a twenty minute walk from the old town centre, rich with its ancient palaces, churches and squares. In the Piazza del Duomo stood the beautiful Romanesque Cathedral and Baptistry with its freestanding bell tower, famous for its unintended tilt. The buildings were constructed of marble and stone and were completed over 600 years ago. They were a breathtaking sight in the spring sunshine.

Our campsite was called Torre Pendente Camping. Our Italian is not good and I wondered aloud what it meant. Torre? Tower? Pendente? Several seconds of deep thinking before the light dawned and I realised it meant “Leaning”. Perhaps the brain isn’t as agile as it once was!

As we drove out of Pisa heading north, the Apuan Alps provided a stunning background in the morning sunshine as we continued along the Ligurian coast towards San Remo.

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