Isla Plana

We continued our journey south along the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona, driving for more than  six hours before we reached Elche, then Murcia and on to Cartagena.  

 We found a campsite in Mazzarón on the Isla Plana coast.  The campsite was long and narrow, with terraces reaching up towards the background hills of the Sierra d Almenara.  The higher terraces provided delightful views of the Mediterranean but we found the perfect pitch at the far end of the lowest terrace with a view of the mountains set against the blue sky.  Our neighbours were two German vans and two Dutch.  There were quite a few British staying on the site but they were camped away from us, further up the hill.  The site had a large salt water swimming pool.  When they had to change the water they emptied the pool after it closed in the evening so the pool stood virtually empty overnight.  In the morning three large water jets were turned on and the pool refilled with sea water.   I assume the water passed through a series of filtration units as there was no sign of any marine life in the pool – not a lobster or prawn to be had.


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