Planning 2015 adventure

Looking at motoring through France, Belguim, Holland, Germany, Switzerland through to Italy where we will take a ferry to Patras in Greece. After exploring Greece feel we would like to travel back through some of the eastern bloc countries of Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and back into Germany then home for the British summer. Plan to leave UK end of March early April returning July/August.

Dont know wether we will persevere through the UK winter without finding some sun elsewhere but nothing as yet planned apart from a few days in France before Christmas.

Have now finished all the jobs on our Motorhome so she is ready to roll and looking good after I spent a day hand polishing all the bodywork.

2 thoughts on “Planning 2015 adventure

  1. oohhhhhh very exciting to have you back online and planning the new adventures – Is it safe to travel through Serbia????!!!!

    lots of love No1

    PS Don’t forget babysitting April!!!

    • Glad to see you are paying attention!!! All these countries are now well travelled and safe although the roads can be quite challenging but no more so than Ma!!!! Haven’t forgotton the zoo minding!!!😥😥😥

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