The drive to our next campsite at Santaella, 30k from Córdoba, took us through olive groves and more olives groves – we were quite excited when field of sunflowers appeared on the hills ahead.



The site was owned by Rik and Mathilde whom we had first met travelling in Morocco.  We had been to their site earlier in the year, then it had been chilly and we had enjoyed a meal sitting by their log burning stove. Now we were more interested in their swimming pool.

We took the bus into Córdoba and visited the Mesquita of Córdoba, a 8th century mosque. It was a magnificent building, originally constructed on the site of a temple to the Roman god, Janus. The Mosque had been built by the Muslims but, with the Christian reconquest of Spain in the 13th century, it had been consecrated as a Catholic cathedral and was still being used today.

The Mosque at Córdoba

The Mosque at Córdoba

Temple, Mosque or Cathedral?

Temple, Mosque or Cathedral?

2 thoughts on “Córdoba

  1. Mum – I love the picture of the van in the distance – is it yours? and did dad come back for you? xxx

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