Domestic Matters

As a rule we use the campsite toilets for calls of nature but the loo in our camper is an essential, especially at night and whilst driving. The toilet has a cassette that takes a dose of chemical solution, rendering everything virtually free of smell – usually. On one occasion the cassette flap had stuck open (my fault as it was due it loo paper). It was not long before there was a serious odour emanating the the toilet cubicle. Tony soon found and solved the problem but there was a bit of mopping up to do – which Tony manfully undertook. Job done, he reported that everything was now fine and he had used the white cloth in the cubicle to do the final wiping up. I am so glad he told me as that was my face cloth!

We stayed three nights at Camping des Oliviers, each evening our meal arrived at our camper, the last evening we had Tagine Royal with beef, prunes and almonds. The cost of our stay was £37 for food and £21 for the site, including use of the swimming pool, electricity, hot showers and so on. A pity the town outside the campsite was not so attractive.

Piscine At Oliviers

Piscine At Oliviers

Dish and Clothes Washing Area

Dish and Clothes Washing Area

Outdoor Restaurant

Outdoor Restaurant

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