Meski – Source Bleue

We woke at dawn the next day and were soon on our way.

We stopped for pancakes for breakfast and lost our appetite when we saw a delivery of meat being made to the café.

Breakfast Pancakes

Breakfast Pancakes


Meat Delivery!

Meat Delivery!


Meat Delivery!

Meat Delivery!

It was a relatively short drive heading south and then east to Meski and the Source Bleue de Meski, a natural spring where the water appeared to be blue. There was a grubby looking swimming area created out of concrete with the remains of blue paint applied a long time ago. The water looked uninviting but lots of folk were enjoying the water so I tried it too, the water was deliciously cold against the 38° heat of the afternoon.

We ate at the local bar, it was not a restaurant but they agreed to cook for us – bread, home made vegetable soup, barbecued brochettes of turkey and beef with chips, green beans and tomatoes and yoghurt to follow, cost 100D each (£7.30).

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