L’Ametlla De Mar

Our campsite in Tarragona was at L’Ametlla de Mar, a pretty site right next to a sandy beach surrounding a small bay. Evening temperature was registering 22° but it was still quite windy.


We needed to stretch our legs after the day’s drive so we walked into town to find something to eat. In these parts restaurants don’t open in the evening until 8pm although you could eat earlier in the bars where they serve tapas.

The local language was Catalan and it bore little resemblance to the Castilian Spanish we knew. At the restaurant we were offered menus translated into English. However, we often find it easier to choose from a menu written in the local language as the descriptions in English are often quite bizarre. In the same way you could imagine no foreigner would choose “toad in the hole” in an English restaurant unless it was translated more sympathetically as sausages cooked in batter. Anyway, our menu was written in Catalan with English subtitles and proved to be impossible to decipher accurately. When I asked for a menu written in the more familiar Spanish, the proprietor was a bit grumpy, saying “We like English but not this language”. We succeeded in choosing eventually – I had pulpitos, baby octopus cooked in oil, Tony had a huge plate of cheeses. We both had grilled monkfish which was disappointingly over cooked. A couple of glasses of cold, red wine helped the evening along. Cost €66.

Our Pitch

Our Pitch

We Were Being Watched

We Were Being Watched

We were reluctant to leave the campsite at L’Ametlla de Mar. We had spent three days there, the ŵeather had been kind, sunny and windy but not too hot. In the guide book it had stated that the town was unspoiled by high rise developments. When we sat in the town square having a beer, the buildings all around us were six storeys high bedecked with ugly aircon units but the early evening atmosphere was typically southern continental with younger children playing in the play park, youths in groups sitting on the grassy areas and older folk populating the park benches. The tables outside the cafés were busy with locals and tourists enjoying the evening sunshine with a drink and tapas. The cost of the campsite, including electricity, drinking water, free wifi and good showers was €50.97. Well worth a revisit.

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