We stopped overnight at a campsite near Narbonne. The site had outdoor pools and a flume, we were not tempted because it was too windy but quite a few children were enjoying the water. We sat outside for an evening gin and tonic but it soon clouded over as the wind increased. We had a pleasant meal in the site restaurant, the proprietor was very friendly and brought us a complementary brandy after our meal. I had escargots in a cream sauce and then a steak, Tony had a fish terrine followed by duck breast. We had a pichet of rosé wine and then some red wine. The meal cost €58, a pichet of excellent wine (probably 50 cl) was €5.50.

Billy No Mates

Billy No Mates

Les Mimosas, Narbonne

Les Mimosas, Narbonne

The local wine was so delicious that our first task the next day was to visit La Cave De Gruissan to buy some supplies. A three litre bag in a box of rosé set us back €7.75 – we bought more than one. Gruissan was a pretty town. It was on the coast with narrow streets well populated with restaurants. Worth a revisit.

We turned south after Narbonne, heading towards the Mediterranean, leaving France and entering Spain. We stopped for lunch at a service station that had parking in the shade amongst the trees. We got out our chairs and brewed a cuppa and ate a soggy sandwich and a tuna salad in a plastic pot which tasted of cat food.

Lunch At A Service Station

Lunch At A Service Station


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