Travelling North, Santaella to Aranjuez

We drove north, past Cordoba and Toledo towards Madrid, stopping at Aranjuez for the night. We had lunch en route, €10 for a delicious freshly cooked meal. Tony had Mortilla De Burgos, a local delicacy, a sausage type thing that was sliced and fried. It was very tasty.

Aranjuez was a beautiful town 40k south of Madrid and would be an ideal base for visiting the capital. There was a direct train line, called the Strawberry Line, that ran right into the centre of Madrid and in the summer they run a special steam train into the city.

The following morning we set off for Haro, revisiting an area we had last seen in the spring on our way to Portugal. We stopped at a bodega in Aranda de Duero that specialises in the local wine, Rioja. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch which consisted mainly of a quarter of a lamb, served with salad.

Quarter of Roast Lamb

Quarter of Roast Lamb

Bargain Basement at the Bodega

Bargain Basement at the Bodega

We heard from daughter, Kate, telling us that she was following this blog and making herself very unpopular with her work colleagues by sharing our travelling news with anyone who got into work early enough. Love you, Kate and apologies if we are boring you and your work mates! 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

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