San Remo

We had found a beautiful campsite at San Remo, a seaside town very close to the French border; our pitch overlooked the sea

Campsite at San Remo

Campsite at San Remo


Seaside Pitch
The weather was warm (20 degrees) and sunny with just a few clouds topping the highest hills surrounding the town.  San Remo town was about 4k away from the campsite along a wide cycle path that must have been a coastal railway at some time.  The path travelled on for 25k.  Saturday was market day and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the stalls, mostly selling the usual market rubbish but there was a covered marked selling fresh produce – fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, meat and cheeses as well as olives, bread , pasta and so on.  We stopped for a beer at a sunny cafe in one of the lovely squares and then went on to the port for lunch at a fish restaurant close to where the fishing boats unloaded.

San Remo Fish Market

San Remo Fish Market

San Remo Market

San Remo Market

We planned to stay in San Remo for a few days before heading north towards home.

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