In Search Of Olive Oil

The Largest Fig Tree In Europe

The Largest Fig Tree In Europe

We wanted to take back some olive oil, so Jacqui and Sergio contacted friends of theirs, Pepe and Adele, who had a large olive grove and had oil to spare.  On our way to their house, in a village near Rieta which was the exact centre of Italy, we visited the Abbazia di Santa Maria di Farfar.


Pepe and Adele had invited us to supper.  Close to their house was the largest olive tree in Europe, which was thousands of years old.  We tried to go and see it but there was a man blocking the entrance asking us to pay €2.50 each for the pleasure of viewing it.  We declined to pay but managed to take a photo of the top of the tree from the road.



We had a delicious supper with Pepe and Adele, mostly made from his own produce, finishing with their own chestnuts roasted on the open fire.  We came away with 5 litres of Pepe’s olive oil.

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