Jacqui and Sergio, Tivoli

It was a three hour run to Tivoli where our friends, Jacqui and Sergio lived.  Sergio met us at the motorway exit on his motor scooter and guided us through the traffic to their house.  Sergio had seen our camper van parked outside our house but, now we were negotiating the narrow lanes to their little house in the olive groves, our vehicle seemed much larger than he remembered it.  Some of the corners were a little tight but we eventually drew up outside their gates.  There was no way we would get the camper inside so we parked the van in the road, just leaving enough space for their neighbour’s car to squeeze by.

ImageSergio, helped by his neighbour, Giulio, quickly found a solution to opening our bonnet, which had been jammed for the last few days.

ImageBefore Sergio and Tony headed off on the scooter to do the shopping.Image

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