Chefchaouen – The Blue Town

We explored Chefchaouen the following morning.  It was a busy town with narrow streets full of selling booths and market squares with many cafes and restaurants – we chose to drink mint tea in the shade of a cafe’s awning opposite the museum, sitting and enjoying watching people go by.  Later that evening we all walked down to the town again, this time to have a meal in a restaurant called Aladdin’s (it is not pronounced like the pantomime Aladdin, it sounds more like Allah-deen).  We had tagines, it was just about edible, especially as mine had lots of lovely vegetables in it.  Tony didn’t rate his at all and we both had to use our torch to see exactly what we were eating in the candlelit restaurant, one holding the torch for the other while they excised the gristle from their meat.  The meal cost £12 per head for three courses (no alcohol).  Tony reckoned they saw us coming.

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