Hi Issey

Been packing up the van this evening as we are off to meet the rest of our fellow travellers in Algecerias tomorrow, Monday 5th, and then ferry over to Morocco on Tuesday. Have already met 2 couples on the same site who are doing the same tour as us and they all seem very pleasant. One couple Les & Jean are from Mevagissey in Cornwall where he was a fisherman, now retired, so lots of boat stories. Marion has been busy with her last minute washing she seems to have so much of it don’t know where it all comes from, certainly not me!!!!!

X Dad


1 thought on “Hi Issey

  1. Hi Travellers
    I have just added your blog as a bookmark on my bar so easy to pop in and out seeing what you are up to. Think your news will be more interesting than ours – fancy stopping Marion sampling the sherry that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the trip considering it will be mainly mint tea. Our little one gone after which I fell asleep in the conservatory lunch time, house is sort of back to normal. Both coughing and sneezing well – Peed down yesterday a bit monsoon like but today beautiful and sunny but a tad cold. Are you lighting fireworks?

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